Telling stories that are worth telling...

I often used to rail against commercial and advertising photography, refusing some commissions on moral grounds. 

This lost me clients, and an agent, among other things.

In the end, after wavering a few times when money was tight, I looked at the refusal as a test of my moral character. 

Morally, however, I was no better or worse than any one else.

I made a decision that was right for me.

My own reflection in life's mirror would be my moral compass. How true would it be?

The point of this, if there is one, is that there are things that you do to survive, and things that you can do to thrive. 

Where your compass points, and how long it takes you to discover your own True North, is entirely up to you.

The people I photographed, and befriended, during this time helped me find my True North.

Whether this is the end of any personal discovery or growth as a man is unknown.

Could it be as simple (or as complex) as the Google corporate motto: Don't be Evil...

Patient transfer, 2345 hrs, Royal Melbourne Hospital Annual Report

Surgery, 1504hrs, Royal Melbourne Hospital Annual Report

Pharmacy 0023 hrs, Royal Melbourne Hospital Annual report