Having your perspective distorted...

There are times in life when you have your idea of what 'you think you know' distorted, bent out of shape, shattered (pick one) by what you experience, and this becomes 'What you know'...

This has come to me a few times in my life. The first time I tried a single malt from Islay, the first time I saw Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles, when I stopped and stood in awe of Sebastio Salgado's exhibition Workers in New York, the first time I heard Allan Macdonald sing in Scottish Gaelic while Neil Johnstone played cello in a flat in Edinburgh...

A late night session with Allan Macdonald, Neil Johnstone and John Slavin


... and every time I have heard band called Breabach perform live.

Megan Henderson. Sublime fiddle, heartbreaking voice and step dancer par excellence.

The Caravan Club, Australasian Tour, 2014

I have seen Breabach perform several times live and they never cease to impress. 

I have interviewed them as a band, and as individual musicians, and hopefully, have done them justice.  They are brilliant individually and even better as an ensemble.

Energy, poise and musical excellence. Breabach @ The Toff in Town, Melbourne, 2013-maybe